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At the Hirth Group, we work with our clients in advising them to reach their financial goals through real estate.  We advise our clients on every property, and show them their options, whether buying, selling, holding or refinancing.


The most important factor in achieving the highest sales price for your property is the implementation of a detailed and aggressive marketing campaign.  We market and expose the property to any and every qualified investor ensuring the highest net proceeds in the sale of your property.


It has been our clients experience that our dynamic marketing campaigns, unparalleled negotiating skills, and market expertise has contributed to netting our sellers the highest amount of money.


We look forward to working with you, and helping you achieve your financial goals through commercial real estate.

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Meet our Sales Team

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Daniel Hirth

Managing Partner

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Alex Reyhan

First President of Investments

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Elijah Suval

Vice President of Investments

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Ethan Donel

Senior Associate


Ivanna Saracini

Director of Operations

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