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Hirth Group Commercial Real Estate Advisors


Greg Evangelatos, Reno, Nevada

Daniel & Elijah,

I would like to say that the Hirth Group as represented by Daniel Hirth and his sales representative Elijah Suval did a fabulous job representing myself and my family in a transaction that involved property in our Family Trust.  During these challenging and uncertain times the team stayed the course for nearly a year and concluded the transaction with an outcome that was fair to all parties.  Both these gentlemen were always accessible and responsive to questions or inquiries that I had.  The process to closing was smooth and conclusive.  I would highly recommend the Hirth Group to anyone seeking strong and competent real estate representation in this area.

Miguel & Kathy Zamora

Daniel & Elijah,

Thank you both so very much for all your hard work and efforts to sell our business.  When we decided to sell in February of this year (2020) we had no idea we would be faced with a global pandemic and held out little hope of any buyers.   But the two of you were able to put an ideal marketing plan together and sell the property within two months’ time!

Your knowledge and expertise were extremely helpful to us as you walked us through the process.  Thank you again.  We will highly recommend the Hirth Group to handle any real estate needs for friends and family!

Susan Kassabian

On behalf of my husband and myself, we wish to thank Daniel Hirth, Alex Reyhan and Ethan Donel for the excellent service they provided in handling the sale of our commercial property.  We were impressed by the attention provided by the team from the initial meeting through the escrow process.    Phone calls and emails were promptly returned and questions were fully explained and answered.  We received multiple offers and our property sold quickly.  The entire selling experience far exceeded our expectations.  We highly recommend The Hirth Group.

Tom Engell

We made the right decision to engage The Hirth Group to sell our commercial property in Toluca Lake. Daniel Hirth and his team brought great knowledge and experience to not only the complex demands of buying and selling commercial real estate but also to the current market conditions in order for us to obtain the best possible financial result. The Hirth Group is definitely for anyone’s contact list”


Andre Rocher and Tom Engell

Kirk & Maria Bryant

The Hirth Group helped us through the difficult process of selling our towing business in conjunction with the sale of our properties. Our properties consisted of three industrial lots in Inglewood, CA. The Hirth Group worked with us in a courteous and professional matter, sitting in meetings and negotiating in our behalf with several potential buyers. Daniel Hirth and Elijah Suval subsequently began calling other tow services in the area and came across a serious buyer. They got things rolling immediately and Daniel negotiated a deal in which both parties were pleased.

We highly recommend the Hirth Group to other potential sellers or buyers.

Suzanne M. Smith

Dear Daniel,


Thank you for your honesty and professionalism. Words can’t express the gratitude my family and I feel for you and your staff. You sold our property so quickly. You made everything go so smoothly and guided us through with your expertise. You are the BEST!



Suzanne M. Smith

Norman Wilson

I want to express my gratitude for your hard work, honesty, integrity, and most importantly the results, as I am a result-oriented business man.  The Hirth Group was able to procure multiple offers and sell my property within one week of the listing agreement.  The buyer paid all cash, and was non-contingent from the beginning and closed in 10 days!  Thank you and I am looking forward to many more successful transactions in the future!

All the best,

Norman Wilson

Edmond Mossighi

Daniel Hirth, Is one of the most professional, sincere and genuine real estate agents that I have ever met and worked with. He worked his heart out to get my brother and I multiple offers, resulting in a full price offer on the property we were selling. He is a master negotiator who made our real estate selling process go through with all of the terms and conditions that we wanted.

I highly recommend him for all commercial realestate transactions, for he knows his job and knows it well. I will definitely use Daniel Hirth's services again for my next commercial real estate transaction.


Edmond Mossighi

Midway Equities

Brian E. Albert, President

To whom it may concern, 

My company has worked with Daniel Hirth for over a year. In that time, he has proved himself to be an indispensable and valued member of our team. On that note, I’d like to share with you our success story. 

At the time we first engaged Daniel’s services, we had the task of converting our NNN assets to multi-family residential properties via a 1031 exchange. It was a tall order, as we had been invested in these properties for over 40 years. In short, we were completely changing a business model we had employed for nearly half a century. In all cases, Daniel was able to work out successful purchase agreements with the business owners/occupants of each property for top dollar. In one instance, he was able to negotiate a price significantly higher than asking with the buyer. (I would add this particular individual was one of the toughest personalities I’ve ever had to do business with in my time professionally managing real estate.) 

Daniel made the purchase side of the exchange just as smooth. With the clock ticking and millions on the line in capital gains tax for my shareholders, I have to admit I was a bit anxious to complete the deal. He told me at one point he “never failed a client on an up leg.” That record remained intact with us. In the end we were able to successfully identify properties, achieve the necessary financing, and had a small amount of cash to down trade out of the exchange account (which we had desired.) 

With the new investments Daniel helped us acquire, I am happy to report that we are doubling the amount of cash flow to our shareholders, while minimizing their tax liability through new property depreciation. I’m pretty sure by reading this you get the picture that Daniel Hirth gets results. I would only further this sentiment by saying that he did so with integrity and a high degree of professionalism. As a result, I now count Daniel as one of my company’s most trusted outside advisors. 


Brian E. Albert PRESIDENT 

Western Saw

Kevin Baron, CEO

Dear Daniel Hirth:

I would like to express my gratitude with how you handled yourself during the sale of my families Los Angeles Industrial property.  You were not only a man of your word but you exceeded the expectations that you gave my family.  I have conducted myself throughout my career with the premise that integrity and honesty is the foundation to business relationships.  I believe that you conducted yourself with nothing but this.  I was very much impressed with the fact that you did what you said you would and if there was something that changed or unexpected you took responsibility for it.

You were a pleasure to work with.  You were not only able to list a property that was over 100 years old but list it and have multiple offers within days.  We were able to begin escrow and accept an offer $150K over list within 10 days of listing the property with a 30 day escrow.  You exceeded the expectations with this and even more with going above and beyond with clearing title and working with the buyers and my family to resolve unforeseen issues in the 11th hour to get this deal through.

Once again my family and I thank you for the great job you did with our property.  I look forward to our continued business relationship.  I will not only continue to use your services but will also recommend it.




Kevin Baron

CEO Western Saw Inc.

Jerryl L. Garns

It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Daniel Hirth. I recently sold my photography studio in Los Angeles and Daniel represented the property. I needed representation that I could trust without hesitation not only because it was a very important transaction for me as it would help fund my retirement but also because I had already moved out of state and was not present to oversee the process. Daniel handled every detail, many of which I would have never thought of on my own, with ease and professionalism. It became very obvious from the beginning that he had my best interest at heart as they generated great activity and interest in the property, provided multiple offers and then wrote the contract and stood firm when the buyer made attempts to alter or amend the deal in a manner that would have weakened my position. As issues arose they routinely notified me but not until they already had solutions therefore shielding me from any concern or heartache. 

Although he listed the property at what we all considered was a very aggressive amount, through his professionalism they were able close the deal well above the asking price. Through the entire process they listened closely, understood my needs, treated the buyers and their representation as well as me, with the utmost respect and professionalism.  

I couldn’t be happier. 



Jerryl L Garns 

Evan Simon

Manager, J&V Simon, LLC

To Whom It May Concern:

Mr. Hirth is a tremendous broker—knowledgeable, savvy, honest, and effective.  He recently assisted my Company to reposition a valuable asset via a 1031-exchange with the result being a greater than three-fold increase in cash flow, all now from strong and stable assets.

Our first challenge was to take an underperforming asset and find a developer who would pay top dollar for the property.  His recommended strategy—performing our own environmental investigation and disclosing the results to all potential buyers—proved very successful. This strategy resulted in multiple buyers making non-contingent offers, thus allowing us to avoid our buyer having any room to later negotiate-down the price during a “due diligence” period.

Mr. Hirth’s relationships amongst developers also became invaluable, as the multiple buyers he brought to the table competed very aggressively for our property.  The result: we achieved a purchase price $1,000,000 over asking from a non-contingent buyer.

Our next challenge was to place the funds into strong multifamily assets.  Here, Mr. Hirth’s relationships with other brokers in the industry helped tremendously to secure deals, as the market to purchase these assets was extremely hot.  Mr. Hirth provided valuable insights about the merits of the deals and the best strategies to secure the properties on a tight exchange clock.

I wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Hirth. Warmth, caring, and professionalism drives everything he does, and he is a valuable asset to any real estate investor.



Evan Simon, esq.

Manager, J&V Simon, LLC

Fedco Properties LLC

David Amouna Principal and Acquisitions Manager

To Whom It May Concern,


Mr. Daniel Hirth has represented us in a few transaction and we are very happy with his services.


Daniel Hirth is very professional and  extremely knowledgeable about the Southern California real estate market. Daniel works very hard, he is smart, and he has great manners and communication skills.   He has superior marketing and negotiating skills.


Daniel represented us in buying two properties and he is  now representing us in selling one of our properties.  Daniel is also representing us on a couple of 1031 exchanges we have to get done soon.


We wish him great success and we look forward to doing many more deals with him soon.


Best Regards,


David Amouna

Principal and Acquisitions Manager,

Fedco Properties LLC.

Casselman Law Group

David B. Casselman

As a career trial lawyer and experienced investor, I have periodically been disappointed by my experiences dealing with various real estate professionals.  For this reason, I usually try to learn about who I will be relying upon before hiring them. 

But, without any prior knowledge of his work, I found myself involved in a transaction with Daniel Hirth.  He brought an opportunity to my attention, and it was too good to pass up.  We immediately began working together on this project, which recently closed.

Over the course of our work together, I was impressed by his responsiveness, knowledge, and energy.  His aggressive, but not too aggressive approach, proved to be a competitive advantage for me in this transaction.  Looking back, I credit him for both finding and closing this deal.

If you happen to have the opportunity to work with Daniel, I highly recommend that you grab the opportunity.  I know that in my case, he made a big difference.

Very Truly Yours,


Erwin Washington

Lula and I want to thank you One thousand percent for your help in guiding us through our sale of our commercial building on West Adams Boulevard, and our subsequent purchase of a Triple Net Lease to fulfill our 1031 Exchange requirements.

Thanks to you, we sold our West Adams property at an excellent price.  You helped us understand the workings of 1031 Exchanges and you showed us how a Triple Net Lease would be an ideal investment for people as busy as we are with our non-profit dance company and school.

Everything went smoothly, and when we needed legal back up, you introduced us to a remarkable attorney who helped us through the fine print on our agreements.

This was our first major commercial real estate effort and it went smoothly.  Best of all, we are set for life with income that rolls in monthly without our having to worry about taxes, insurance, repairs, upkeep, or property management.  Thank you, Daniel.  It was great to work with you.



Reza Amin

To Whom It May Concern,


Daniel is efficient, straight and smart. He knows his area and is good at what he does. My partner and I both enjoyed working with him and recommend him to sell your property.

Very Truly Yours,


Chuck Ward, Casino De Paris, Inc

To Whom It May Concern,


I really truly thank you for getting our commercial property sold here in South Gate, California.  We have owned this property for over 45 years and have been actively trying to sell  for the past 3 years.  I have been through numerous brokers with no results, until you came along.  I think we have become friends and we were both on the same page throughout the process.  It was not easy but you never gave up while others bailed you were there at every turn.

I would highly recommend you to anyone who wants to get the job done, do not waste your time, contact Daniel Hirth, if you want results period!


Thank you again Daniel and we wish you all the best.

Mary Mekari

To Whom It May Concern,


Daniel recently helped my father and I purchase a wonderful investment property. Throughout the process, Daniel was very knowledgeable, trustworthy, professional, and communicated with us very well. He was able to help us get a fantastic deal and we have no regrets working with him! We highly recommend Daniel and his team and we look forward to working with him again for future opportunities! 

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